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  • Since 1996, I-Net Marketing has been building successful web sites.  Our clients have included Public Radio Programs, Papa Johns Pizza, Gary Montgomery, Susan Miller Speaks, Superior Giftwrap, McKendree Center for Business Excellence, Program Resources & Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance.
  • Our "Business Background!" We have over 30 years in consulting, running, leading actual businesses through the good and bad times.  We understand why our clients want an Internet presence!  As Webmaster for a large Internet Service Provider (ISP) we learned, understood and now can develop what the web site viewer is looking for!
  • Search Engine ready web sites:  It is one thing to build a page, but someone has to find it.  With Search Engines constantly changing, the web site has to change (adjust) also.  The insertion of META tags or a "page of links" may actually hurt your placement today.  Today's use of new use of keywords and the addition of "PageRank" is something all new sites have to build in.  I-Net Marketing can adjust your current site to today's Search Engines.

    John Henderson was among the first to recognize the major shift in search engine ranking. His ebook "Getting the Search Engine Ranking Your Website Deserves" climbed to #2 in Amazon sale!

Getting The
Search Engine Ranking
Your Website Deserves

Industry Service:

  • I-Net Marketing has taught hundreds of classes on "How to Build a Web Site." Our memberships include World Organization of Webmasters,  Kentucky-Indiana PC User Group, Alpha2000 Trainers, Kentucky Speakers Association, and Pryor Seminar Leaders.  I-Net Marketing's president, John Henderson, is an author, seminar leader and trainer, professional speaker, and YES, a successful Webmaster. 

"Do You Want to Build a Park Bench or Tombstone? - How to Build A Successful Web Site!"

John Henderson has delivered his seminars and presentations from the top of the Sears Tower to the "Mission Control" Briefing Room at Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center in Florida. From San Diego to Long Island his audiences and clients have realized John knows the difference between a web site with lots of bells & whistles and a site that accomplishes his clients goals.



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